Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brown vs. Board of Education

For this week, we were assigned to look at a information about Brown vs. Board of Education, and watch a video called Between Barack and a Hard Place, an interview with author, Tim Wise about his book.

Watching the video Between Barack and a Hard Place really opened my eyes to racism. I always know it's around, but I've never been personally victimized by it.  But I have always been one of those people that questions it, wondering what makes people so pathetic that they find black people so much different that everyone else. In the end we're all people and we all have feelings and emotions... We all bleed the same color.

We can hope as much as we want but racism will never just disappear. But, we can still try to make equal REALLY MEAN equal. Like Wise said in the video, you have to look at past events in history, and see that there wasn't just ONE event that happened that moved society away from racism, but many things took part and changed us bit by bit. And things will continue to happen. But, this issue will never be gone for good...

Talking about/listening to all the talk about Brown vs. Board of Education reminds me of a movie I watched when I was younger called Ruby Bridges. She was a young girl that was chosen to transfer to an all-white school. All the parents didn't want their student exposed to a black child so they pulled their students from the school. Ruby was the only student there and she was so embarrassed about it. But she completed what she was there to do - she was very a brave little girl...

This is a famous picture of Ruby Bridges walking with security guards. She needed these men to walk with her because she was getting many death threats and the whites were protesting out side of the school Ruby was to be attending...

Tim Wise said in his book that there are a lot of black people who accomplished great things. For instance our current President, Barack Obama. He is the first black president, that's pretty awesome, especially when you put in perspective the background this country has, that's a big deal! Black people shouldn't be doubted because of their color, think about that? Someone looks different and automatically and judged and stereotyped. It just doesn't make any sense to me..


  1. I completely agree with you in that I have always thought that people who are racist have nothing to be racist about. How are African Americans that much different from whites besides that their skin color is different. Both of us have feelings and emotions, we have the same type of DNA, and the same bodily functions and features. I think that there is no reason to think that African Americans are inferior because of their skin color. I mean, look how much alike we are!